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Official Reviews for Flowers on the Cobbles

At Flowers on the Cobbles we care passionately about customer satisfaction and for this we work tirelessly to deliver beautiful fresh flowers every day. Our latest reviews have been received via our membership with Direct2florist. Each review has been verified by Feefo. Feefo is an independent review specialist and they ensure only customers that have placed an order may leave a review.

It was an easy process to order the flowers and, although I was a little disappointed at first when I read that the time I had taken to choose a particular florist, reading reviews and choosing the category etc, had seemed, a waste of my time as the florist had actually rejected my order... I quickly found solace in the fact that it was placed with another florist in the area....without me having to do anything! Not only did it give me an alert in the morning, giving me the option if I wanted to cancel it, due to the change... I got a message from my friend, later that day and who was totally amazed with the beautiful arrangement that arrived and her words were " it is sooo beautiful".... which made all of the other worries disappear.... I would definitely use this service again and my aim was to make my friend happy...which was achieved in bucket loads, so all turned out well in the end!! .... I thought that the fact that I received a copy of what was sent, is a touch that other impersonal services don't offer, so don't be put off if the same happens to you.... rejected doesn't not mean a rejected may just mean that they don't feel they can meet that particular arrangement with the flowers they have in at that moment...or an unusual vase etc etc.... So I am just pleased that an alternative had been sourced, whilst I slept and who felt they COULD fulfil my order to a high standard and for that I am really grateful...and for that reason alone, I would use this service again, as I don't have to worry about starting all over again! ...and to actually be able to see what I had sent, is a truly personal touch! Thank you guys!


NERISSA - D2f Review

28th Sep, 2014

Ordered flowers from Australia. Usually so hit and miss from so far away. What unbelievable service. I received a photo via email of the flowers sent to my very sick aunt. Only company that has done this anywhere. Congrats to the florist in Congleton and a big thank you from me. I am sure I will use you again. Bye the way, everyone said the flowers were Fantastic!


Sylvia - D2f Review

1st Feb, 2014